Audi Unveils Lightweight TT Ultra Quattro Concept

With the annual Worthersee Volkswagen Group Tuning Festival fast approaching, Audi engineers will be wowing the crowds in Austria this May with their latest concept vehicle the TT Ultra Quattro Concept, which was designed to showcase the company’s weight saving technologies and how they can improve performance.

While the basic styling of the Ultra Quattro retains many of the themes already seen on on the current generation TT Coupe, Audi engineers have enrolled the car on an extensive crash diet to cut as much weight from the TT as possible for better handling and performance. The company claims that in the case of the TT Ultra Quattro, it was able to shave a hefty 660 pounds from the overall curb weight which now rings in at a featherweight 2,450 pounds. This impressive feat of weight shedding was achieved by not only removing excess flab and unnecessary components, but also installing new lightweight components. An example of this is in the body and suspension of the concept where Audi engineers bestowed the car with a healthy amount of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer while the floor and panel hinge reinforcements feature an equal amount of magnesium which is slightly stronger and lightweight as well. Furthermore, Audi engineers found even more weight savings by cleverly replacing the suspensions stock steel springs with special fiberglass reinforced polymer units that improve the car’s handling behavior by cutting down on unsprung weight.

Performance for the TT Ultra Quattro Concept comes from a modified 2.0 liter four cylinder which is capable of producing a healthy 306 horsepower. All of this power is routed to all four Quattro driven wheels through a six speed manual transmission which is similar to the delivery achieved by stock TT’s. However, Audi engineers continued the weight shedding theme by equipping the concept with a lighter flywheel, balance shafts, crankshaft, sump system, and a lighter crankcase which help trim weight even further.

The interior of the concept largely retains many of the comfort and value oriented features that define standard TT’s including air conditioning, power windows, supportive sport seats, and other convenience features while also contributing to the car’s quest for lightness thanks to special CFRP accents that adorn the door trim center console and the rear mounted cross bracing that replaces the cramped rear seats. Weight is cut further thanks to special FRP sport bucket seats borrowed from the R8 GT that give occupants maximum support while shaving an extra 48 pounds from the car.

Look for the TT Ultra Quattro Concept to makes its official debut at the 2013 Worthersee Festival in May and while the TT Ultra Quattro will most likely not get the green light for production in its current form. Look for some of the concepts weight saving technology to gradually  filter its way to future Volkswagen/Audi products which should not only increase their performance, but also contribute to increased fuel mileage especially in the face of ever changing emissions standards.


(Update) Audi has released a brief video of the TT Ultra Quattro in action with Le Mans champion Andre Lotterer behind the wheel that can be seen below.


Author: Carl Malek

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  1. I’m glad to see that Audi is continuing the tradition of the TT model they annexed from NSU (back when VW got the remains of NSU at a fire-sale price after the Ro80 disaster nee Wankel debacle).Good on them, I say.

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