Detroit 2013: Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

In an announcement released during the automaker’s press conference at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit late yesterday, Hyundai revealed that it plans to inject some much-needed style and technology into its Genesis sedan lineup to make the model lineup much more competitive against rivals from Japan and Germany.

While Hyundai made it clear that the HDC-14 Genesis concept is not a preview of the next-generation Genesis and has not been approved for production in its current form. The next generation Genesis will still take some of its styling cues from the ones featured on the HCD-14 concept. The company also claims that the concept is yet another example of its “fluidic precision” design language  and features sleek curves and lines. Splashes of carbon fiber and brushed metal trim pieces complete the exterior and give it a bulky but stunning appearance.

The concept features suicide doors, and while this type of door design will most likely never leave the concept stage, the exotic shutters do give a clear view of the HDC-14 concept’s cabin, which brings a number of new and creative technologies to the plate. The overall design of the cabin is themed towards a driver-oriented environment, but the traditional center stack has been shelved in favor of new advanced eye tracking and hand motion sensor technology responsible for controlling the vehicle’s climate, navigation, and entertainment features. Hyundai claims that it is currently exploring the production feasibility of eye tracking technology and that such technology will literally allow drivers to never take their eyes off the road while driving which would boost occupant safety.

Underneath the stylish clothes and the futuristic interior gadgets is the company’s familiar 5.0 liter “Tau” V8, which makes over 400 horsepower in this application, with all if its muscle channeled to the HDC-14’s rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox for quick, efficient shifts.  As a bonus, Hyundai engineers spent many hours on the car’s exhaust system, making sure that it had a strong baritone note when running at full tilt.

While it is not the definite preview of the next generation Genesis that many had hoped for, the concept’s bold styling, ingenious technology, and strong performance hardware could hint that perhaps the next generation Genesis will finally shed its traditional look and target a new generation of young buyers that might find traditional luxury sedans sedate and boring and require more thrilling and stylish transportation to suit their needs.

Author: Carl Malek

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