Autosavant Weekly News Digest: More 2013 Model Unveils, Dodge Departs NASCAR, and We Drive the Volkswagen Golf R

This is the Autosavant Weekly News Digest — your first stop for a recap of the week’s top stories in automotive news across the wide world of cars. A true Autosavant knows the value of a good story, well told.

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Revealed: The 2013 Honda Accord sedan and coupe are officially official.  Not quite as squared-off as the current models, the next-generation Accord family was shown off online for the first time this week.  Four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines will again be offered, as will a hybrid model.  The 2o13 models will reach showrooms in the autumn.  Like it?  Love it?  Check out more photos of the Accord in the gallery below.

Finished: Dodge will not return to NASCAR for the 2013 season.  Earlier this week, SRT President Ralph Gilles announced that, at the conclusion of the 2012 season, Dodge will not field a competitor for the following year.  After Penske Racing — the only NASCAR team to field Dodges — decision to swap  for Fords, Dodge was left in the lurch.  Dodge does, however, plan to complete the 2012 season as originally intended.

You can watch Gilles’ announcement here on YouTube.  And let him know what you think about the decision on Twitter @RalphGilles.

Coming Up: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  Next weekend, the San Francisco Bay Area will be home to the summer’s most prestigious gathering of all things automotive. Check back with us for full coverage of debuts, news, and inside stories.

And If You Must Know: You Still Can’t Drive a Nissan to Mars.  But if you could, Nissan kindly points out that the fuel costs for the mission would be cheapest using a 2013 Altima.

Driven: The 2013 Volkswagen Golf R.  Kevin Gordon recently got behind the wheel of the hottest member of the Golf family to see if it can compete with the hottest of the hot hatches.  Curious to learn his verdict?  Click on the video below for his in-car driving impressions.

Author: Jeff Jablansky

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