BMW To Offer M Performance Line In US Marketplace

BMW is putting the finishing touches on a new line of M performance vehicles that will be arriving here in the United States marketplace by the 2014 model year.  Already on sale in many other parts of the world, BMW is planning to launch the M Performance line here in the United States with the M235i coupe.

Designed to provide a middle ground between the company’s standard offerings and its more track oriented M models, the M235i coupe will also formally introduce the company’s latest naming scheme for its models with the coupe version of the 1 Series becoming the 2 series while the Europe only hatchback variant retains its 1 Series moniker.

Designed to be a sequel to the popular limited production 1M Coupe, the M235i will share many of it styling and mechanical cues with the recently unveiled M135i hatchback. According to a recent report by Autoweek, the M235i will have a tweaked version of the 3.0 liter N55 turbocharged inline six which is good for 316 horsepower. The M235i coupe will have a six speed manual transmission as standard equipment but an optional seven speed automatic will also be available.  Another trait that it shares with the M135i hatchback is that the M235i will also offer an optional all wheel drive system along with the standard rear wheel drive configuration.  This option should please buyers that live in snowy climates.

BMW has not revealed when the M235i will make its official U.S debut, but expect the model to possibly make its first appearance at the 2014 North American International Auto Show with the drop-top version following suit later in 2014. It is possible that other M Performance models could follow the M235i coupe and convertible to the U.S in the near future, but it is unlikely that the company would sell the M135i hatchback nor its trio of high performance diesel models (the M550d xDrive, X6 M50d, and the X5 M50d) here in the U.S due to the fore-mentioned models not complying various federal safety and emissions guidelines.

Author: Carl Malek

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