Aston Martin Officially Unveils the 2013 AM 310 Vanquish

Following a stream of leaked images and information that flooded the Internet yesterday, Aston Martin has decided to lift the veil of secrecy from its upcoming replacement for the DBS coupe. Known officially as the Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish, this new sports GT car aims to bring a whole new level of design and engineering to the iconic British brand.

The Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish will bring not only a mix of familiar Aston Martin design cues, but also introduce several new design elements such as a newly designed side profile, longer side strakes, and LED rear light blades similar to the units found on the limited production Aston Martin One-77. In addition to the new exterior styling cues, the platform of the new Vanquish has also been radically updated. A big change is that many of the body panels on the Vanquish are constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber, which is mounted onto a reworked version of the company’s familiar VH (Vertical Horizontal) aluminum monocoque platform. The company claims that this latest iteration of the VH architecture is 25 percent stiffer than the older platform utilized on the outgoing DBS. Along with the increased stiffness, the front end structure has also been lightened and lowered thanks to the extensive use of  special hollow-cast aluminum which further aids in cutting the vehicles overall weight.

The interior of the new Vanquish still retains many of the familiar styling cues that many buyers have come to expect from Aston Martin which include the stylish semi transparent gauge cluster, the swing up navigation system, and the center stack with its distinctive sloping design. However, Aston Martin engineers put extensive effort into improving the vehicle’s climate and telematics system for the 2013 model year. In place of the DBS’s rather confusing sea of dials and buttons is a simpler arrangement which now features two touch sensitive pads and two rotating knobs which should be less overwhelming to drivers. A Bang & Olufsen stereo provides the tunes and the Vanquish will be available in either two or four seat configuration.

Customers that are wondering whether the revived Vanquish will be able to build upon the benchmarks set in place by the outgoing DBS will be pleased to hear that Aston Martin engineers have diligently worked to radically rework the performance characteristics of the upcoming Vanquish. The Vanquish will retain the DBS’s familiar 5.9 liter V-12, but it has been upgraded and reworked to produce a stout 565 horsepower and 457lb ft of torque which is a considerable bump in horsepower and torque numbers when compared to the DBS’s 510 horsepower and 420lb ft. These stronger figures helps the Vanquish complete the 0 to 60 dash in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 183 mph. A six speed automatic (also carried over from the outgoing DBS) will be the sole transmission offering with no manual versions planned. When developing the car, Aston engineers decided to not include direct injection or a eight speed gearbox claiming that “the benefits are not worthwhile” – a questionable move since many of Aston’s competitors outfit their models with one or both of the fore-mentioned technologies. Other standard performance goodies that make there way to the Vanquish include carbon-ceramic brakes, 20 inch wheels equipped with 255/35 front and 305/30 rear Pirelli P Zero grade tires, and a three mode driver selectable suspension with normal, sport and track modes.

Customers that are interested in buying a 2013 AM 310 Vanquish for their garage will have to pay fittingly for their purchase. Aston Martin is putting a base price of $279,995  for the new Vanquish which includes destination fees and gas-guzzler tax. The first production models will begin arriving at Aston Martin dealerships in early 2013, with a convertible variant expected to join the model family shortly after launch.

The company also released a brief video about the new Vanquish which can be seen below.

Author: Carl Malek

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