2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty Revealed

Few things are more polarizing than luxury heavy duty trucks. To create one, a manufacturer has to take one of the most utilitarian vehicles in its lineup and slather it in leather, chrome and heated elements. For 2013, Ford has announced that its Super Duty line of F-Series pickups will be refreshed, and a Platinum trim level will be available for the first time. While the leather and chrome might get the most looks, its the also new for 2013 version of Ford MyTouch that has piqued our interest.

As Roger noted during his time with the 2012 version of this truck, the electronics in Ford’s cars and trucks have come under a bit of scrutiny lately. The one good thing that Ford has going for it, the SYNC system that powers the majority of their devices can be easily upgraded by its user directly. What does this have to do with the new Super Duty? The biggest complaint about Ford’s electronic interfaces has centered on MyFord Touch, which replaces the usual buttons and knobs with soft touch sensors, touch screens, and touch based sliders. The news here is that the new Super Duty adds redundant button based controls to the MyFord Touch system.

The reasoning for this, as stated by Ford, is to allow people wearing work gloves to still interact with Ford MyTouch. At this point, Ford has no plans to migrate this platform to any other Ford products. My guess would be that if this new system gain critical acclaimed and the revised touch only version still has issues it may filter into the rest of their line. I have already reached out to Ford’s PR team to beg for some time with it at the New York Auto Show in order to gain a better understanding of how it works.

Beyond the updated tech and some additional bling, the big question is whether the new Super Duty is going to make any more power or have new power train options. By the numbers, it doesn’t need more. A rating of 800 ft/lbs with the diesel is plenty. The issue is, when tested against the similarly-rated GM heavy duty (by Pickuptrucks.com) it was thoroughly outperformed. This question is yet to be answered and we will have to wait for Ford to provide some more news or a media outlet to strap one to a dyno.

As I stated when I started this, few things split peoples’ opinions more than a luxury heavy duty pickup. Do you need miles of leather in something that can tow 14,000 lbs? Of course not, but do you deserve the option if you want it? You sure do. Sales are always going to drive design and options. Expect to see quite a few of these taking up two parking spaces in the non-contractor parking area of Home Depot.

Here is brief video walk through of the new system:

Author: Kevin Gordon

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