All of the Automotive “Big Game” Ads for 2012 – Updated

By Kevin Gordon

Look no further for proof that the automotive industry is out of the doldrums than the fact that they are pumping a huge amount of cash into advertising for Super Bowl XLVI (46). Historically, the lead up to the big game has seen hints and rumors of which companies were pulling out all stops to attract attention to their brand. Today, with hopes of viral videos dancing in their heads, advertising executives post their ads ahead of time to try to build hype. Why troll around YouTube for all of this year’s auto relevant advertisements? After the break, are all of them without written commentary. Lets face it, the people who make these things get paid to be clever. You be the judge of their success in the comments. As a heads up, all of the videos are on one page which may take some time to load depending on the speed of your computer.

In alphabetical order, here are the ads to date. Did I miss any? Have any inside sources with access to unreleased material? Let us know! (Yes, Kia posted 5 hours of slow motion video of Adriana Lima)

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Acura (second video = extra scenes):














Author: Kevin Gordon

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