Autosavant Pays a Visit To the World’s First Exclusive BMW M Showroom

By James Wong

When you think of a showroom dedicated specially only to the hallowed BMW M nameplate, the first place that comes to mind would be Germany. ‘It would definitely be there,’ you would think, the home of BMW and also to the Nürburgring, the choice testing ground for BMW M vehicles.

Perhaps as a sign of the times, the world’s first exclusive BMW M showroom actually opened its doors in Singapore on 2 August last year. Singapore is probably one of the smallest markets in the world for the automobile sales pie in terms of volume, but the desire and passion of the population for high-end nameplates like BMW M is undeniable. The president of BMW M GmbH, Mr Kay Segler, calls this showroom a ‘significant milestone in our BMW M global strategy’. Clearly, there is an ever pressing need for automobile manufacturers to take the Asian market very seriously, and BMW M is extending its first strong step.

The showroom, located at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent, is officially managed by Munich Automobiles, also claiming a first – by being the first dedicated BMW M dealership in the world. It has a modern, open concept, with floor-to-ceiling glass that allows generous lighting inside. The cars are nestled alongside comfortable, wide sofas where huge television screens display the countless videos of BMW M cars in action.

Just behind the air-conditioned glass showroom lays the squeaky clean work area where the cars are worked upon. The white-washed floors and almost surgical-like appearance of the area is certainly impressive where one would expect grim and dirt.

Going to the third floor, Autosavant managed to take a look at the Munich Automobiles BMW Service Centre, which in addition to the workshop below, offers servicing for regular BMW cars as well. It is a one-stop service centre, so they have everything from a paint respray service, panel repairs to offering full engine rebuilds.

The showroom is definitely worth a visit to any enthusiast even remotely interested in BMW M. If you’re visiting in this part of the world, remember to drop by.





Author: James Wong

The only writer to be based in Asia, James provides a refreshingly different perspective to the automotive industry with his unique experience of living in the Far East. He is a prolific journalist who has written for several leading automotive publications in Singapore, including Torque Singapore and REV Magazine Singapore. He believes in the thrill of driving and champions for an appreciation of driving pleasure above the horsepower race. In September 2010, James relocated to the United Kingdom, London, bringing him to a whole new environment from which to start a new chapter in automotive journalism.

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