Lighter, More Powerful Audi TT RS Coming Soon To A Dealer Near You?

By: Carl Malek

Is there a more powerful Audi TT RS variant in the works? According to some leaked documents obtained by World Car Fans via that appears to be the case.

A variant of the high performance two door under the designation “Audi TT RS Plus Coupe 2.5” was among the models featured in an internal Audi parts catalog. The unknown and currently unconfirmed variant of the familiar fun to drive Audi TT RS was quoted to have at least 355 horsepower, which would be a 20 horse jump over the standard TT RS model’s 335 horses. While this meager gain may not appear to produce a significant increase in performance, there is a possibility that Audi could make extensive use of carbon fiber parts in the TT RS Plus’s design to help the car slim down and improve its handling characteristics. This process was last used by the company in the R8 GT super-car to help that particular model shed precious weight and it would perhaps serve to enhance the plus model’s performance abilities as well when combined with the slight horsepower increase.

According to the leaked document, the brand new TT RS Plus is scheduled for an official debut in May of this year. It is unclear as of this writing if the TT RS Plus will take inspiration from the DTM inspired TT RS racer that made its debut at the VLN Endurance Series back in 2010. But regardless of the cars eventual styling theme, it would serve to not only bolster the already diverse TT model lineup but also give enthusiasts yet another way of enjoying and pushing the TT to its full potential both on the street and out on the racetrack.

Author: Carl Malek

Carl Malek is Autosavant’s resident German car fanatic and follower of all things General Motors. Carl first entered the world of automotive journalism as a freelance photographer during his freshman year of college before making the switch to automotive writing several years later. Carl developed an interest in cars at an early age, which helped him overcome the challenges of a learning disability in mathematics. In addition to writing for Autosavant community, Carl also contributes to many car forums and enjoys attending automotive events in the Metro Detroit area with his family. Carl’s message for others with learning disorders is to believe in yourself, be persistent, and face all challenges head on.

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  1. More horsepower, less weight, and where do I sign up?

  2. This gives some support for my idea about a Lincoln C-car (not the abominable “C” concept Nor the KuGa/MKG) being on the order of a very sporty 4-seat TT — with a 350hp 2.7v6EB!

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