Google and GM to Partner for SYNC Competitor?

By Kevin Gordon

Yesterday, rumors started flying around the Internet that GM was partnering with a  major technology player to advance its info-tainment services. Today multiple services/sites are reporting that Google is the mystery partner, and they will be pairing their Android operating system with the existing GM in-car OnStar system. This functionality should first appear in the futuristic Volt and then eventually filter down through the rest of GM’s product line.

The combination of OnStar and Android should allow a multitude of capabilities both in car and remotely through a mobile app based capacity. To start, we can only hope that this would improve on GM’s in car mobile phone/music player abilities. I do not think that there will be much argument to the statement that GM lags behind leaders in the industry in their navigation, entertainment, and information interface. I’m sure that in the initial demonstrations, it will stream Volt battery charge information to mobile handsets.

This partnership would also allow Google to continue to compete with Microsoft.  As this market continues to expand, we as consumers, can only hope that healthly competition will bring more rapid advancements at less cost. The first question… How far away is the average customer from seeing this filter into a car they want and can afford.  The second question… How good will Microsoft’s SYNC be by then?

Sources: Engadget, WSJ, TTAC

Author: Kevin Gordon

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  1. If this partnership get the green light, maybe we could talk of “Google Motors” 😉

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