Photos: Formula Drift Singapore 2010

By James Wong

Formula Drift USA has been around for some time now, but Singapore has only hosted Formula Drift three times. It has come a long way since the first time it was brought into our island, and this time it is reportedly the first time the event is held on an F1 track. Part of the Singapore F1 circuit was sliced off to create a meandering layout that is suitable for drifting. A blind clipping point was an added challenge to many of the drifters who had little time to practice in this new layout, and it caught many of them off-guard. Also, some of you loyal readers may remember my article about drifting last year. Well, my coaches (Jane Cheah and Ariff Johanis) competed in FD2010 this year though unfortunately, they did not get through to the qualifying rounds. One great piece of news however is that one of the guys who went on the same course as me is now a professional drifter who also competed in FD2010. I’m sure given time, some of the local drifters could make a name for themselves.

Some drifters complained of an uncomfortable helmet that resulted in migranes and consequently a degradation of concentration; some simply lamented that there wasn’t a specified power output.  This meant that those less powerful cars were put at a disadvantage, especially when they needed to gain speed at the straight. Nonetheless, the winner of the two-day event was Tengku Djan Ley in his Silvia S15, who was also the winner of last year’s event. Follow the jump for some of the photos taken during the event, exclusively for Autosavant readers.

Author: James Wong

The only writer to be based in Asia, James provides a refreshingly different perspective to the automotive industry with his unique experience of living in the Far East. He is a prolific journalist who has written for several leading automotive publications in Singapore, including Torque Singapore and REV Magazine Singapore. He believes in the thrill of driving and champions for an appreciation of driving pleasure above the horsepower race. In September 2010, James relocated to the United Kingdom, London, bringing him to a whole new environment from which to start a new chapter in automotive journalism.

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