New York Auto Show: 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX

By: Kevin Gordon

Subaru has announced its 2011 Impreza WRX lineup. The major change from last year is a growth of 1.5 inches in width at the front and back fenders, giving the WRX the same stance as the STI. Also, the sedan will be available with this wider track, making the car look far more aggressive than the last year’s WRX. It is a significant difference in person, and really changes the personality of the car. It is important to note that in person the color of the car makes a difference in dramatic the fender flares appear. Look at the bulge in the rear door on the sedan in the press photos below; wonderful! It is almost like something you would expect to see from Mercedes-Benz Black division.

Other than the newly-increased girth, the WRX gains firmer sub-frame bushings (but not the pricey aluminum suspension bits) and an extra bit of tire width at each corner. All of the changes only add up to 34 extra pounds over the 2010 model’s curb weight. This additional personality, track, and grip should make the next WRX a favorite of the autocross enthusiast and has opened the door for people who really dislike hatchbacks but want to have a car that couldn’t be mistaken for a Toyota.

Subaru seems to be on the correct track with their recent announcements. First, the special addition STI that has less and costs less, and now you get all of the rally looks of the STI at the WRX’s price. Seeing that they continue to evolve this performance car, and that they appear to be listening to their buyers has this enthusiast looking forward to Subaru’s future. Stay tuned for the expected announcement of the new STI.

Author: Kevin Gordon

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