Geneva Will See 25 Debuts This Year

By Brendan Moore


80th Geneva International Motor Show posterPress days of the 80th Geneva International Motor Show are March 2 and 3rd, and from the looks of the premieres scheduled, it seems as if the show will focus more on practicality than exotic performance cars or luxury statements.

There are 21 production vehicle debuts scheduled and 4 concept debuts on tap for the show, and there is usually a surprise or two in terms of debuts or announcements as well.

Last year’s show saw 32 debuts, with many of those shown qualifying as high-profile vehicles. This year’s crop of vehicles is overwhelmingly tilted towards small and frugal, with particular emphasis on EV and hybrid powertrains, things Europe was dismissing as irrelevant to the Continent not so very long ago.

It’s worth noting that coordinating a debut is a tricky thing for manufacturers these days, and at least some of these debuts are bound to be spoilt, courtesy of the internet. If you’re in media relations at a manufacturer, you can issue embargo dates all you want; the problem is getting everyone to abide by the embargo date. It is a cliché to say it, but it really does resemble the task of trying to herd cats.

BMW got a reminding jab on that subject yesterday, with details published early about the Mini Countryman crossover, making the planned Geneva debut anticlimactic. These sorts of leaks are bound to happen and we may see a few more before the Geneva show officially kicks off.

This is the list of vehicles that will see their world debut at Geneva this year:


• Audi A8 hybrid sedan
• BMW ActiveHybrid 5 sedan
• Mercedes-Benz CLS sedan
• Opel Flextreme GT/E plug-in hybrid


• Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback
• Aston Martin Cygnet mini electric car
• Audi A1 small car
• Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible
• Ford C-Max minivan
• Ford Grand C-Max minivan
• Ferrari 599 hybrid sports car
• Kia Sportage crossover
• Lexus CT 200h hybrid hatchback
• Mazda Mazda5 compact minivan
• Mini Countryman crossover
• Mitsubishi ASX crossover
• Nissan Global Compact Car
• Nissan Juke crossover
• Opel Meriva small car
• Porsche Cayenne SUV
• Renault Megane coupe-cabriolet
• Renault Wind small roadster
• Volkswagen Sharan minivan
• Volkswagen Touareg SUV
• Volvo S60 4-door coupe

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. About time any auto show got in touch with the real world. Glad to see it.

  2. Weren’t most of the details about the Mini out anyway? It seems I’ve been reading about the damn thing for months.

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