Detroit 2010 NAIAS: Observations, Part Three

Our writer’s final observations of his trip to the Detroit Auto Show this year.

By J. Smith


Everyone shows pics of the pretty ladies at the NAIAS—Jalopnik, Autoblog, etc., etc. But what about the guys?


Unfortunately, most of the guys at the auto show are some combination of middle-aged or older, overweight, bald and not altogether attractive.  There were, however, some exceptions.


These hard-working young Ford men deserve some recognition.

DSC02992And the guy in the middle, one of a trio of helpful Lincoln-ites ain’t gonna break any mirrors.

And . . .  that’s about it for masculine eye candy.  Sorry, man-hungry hordes.  Progress simply hasn’t caught up with the auto show circuit.

DSC02991But in all fairness, the women at the show were typically well versed in the product and willing to answer my many idiotic questions with good nature and aplomb.  This Lincoln Lady was very helpful and had a plethora of information about the MKS.


The woman in the Merc, earlier found searching for leprechauns, looks like Isabella Rossellini to me.



Audi’s models were gorgeous, poised and teutonically distant.

DSC03027OK, I’ll admit that this one seemed friendly.

DSC03102Back to some cars.  The skeleton of an Acura, bereft of the A-team’s current predilection for the repellent.

DSC02953Morgan: always a classic.  If I only had the money to buy one . . .

DSC02954Another Morgan, behind a Lotus Elan.  Emma Peel drove a convertible Elan.

DSC03104At least they called it the Maybach Zeppelin, and didn’t name it the Maybach Hindenburg.

DSC02955I like Minis, both old and new, but the Beachcomber should be boxed and put into storage.  A tribute to the Moke gone awry.

DSC03022Perfect, as always.

DSC02949Safe at home.

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Author: J.S. Smith

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  1. That orange and white number at the end of the post – now that’s HOT!


  2. I’d be a ford booth jockey if only for the slick pumas.

  3. I’d be very interested in any information you learned about the Lincoln MKS. Thanks in advance.


  4. I like the friendly one at the Audi stand. She has that certain appeal.

    Of course, it’s an embarassment of riches. Good to see the models are back at the Detroit Show this year.

  5. Nothing wrong with a little special sauce to spice up those vehicle presentations. I welcome all the ladies back after years of absence.

  6. Fat bald guys in suits, that’s a great way to get readers.

    You know that is sure to get linked to and commented on.

    Is the author part of this herd, or does he look a little less bland?

  7. Mr. Smith is neither fat nor bald. He’s little younger than that herd in the first photo. By the way, you commented on it, Steve. 🙂

  8. Steve, I have traveled many miles down Bald Highway, but am happy to report that I am fine fettle thanks to frequent trips to the gym. I also wear a suit on a regular basis. Unfortunately, because I am indeed less bland–not in the good way–it may be disconcerting for readers to see a picture of me, so Autosavant has a strict “No J Smith photos” policy. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. But I am married, so this really couldn’t go too far anyway.

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