Volkswagen Releases Sketch of “NMS”

By Kevin Miller



Volkswagen of America has released an official sketch of their forthcoming sedan which is code-named NMS, or New Midsized Sedan. The NMS is said to be tailored for the North American market and will be built at Volkswagen’s plant which is currently under construction in Chattanooga, TN. No details of the NMS were released with the sketch.

The sketch is truly nothing special- a generically dynamic-looking traditional three-box sedan slightly larger than the current Passat. Sketched with ridiculously-oversized wheels, the illustration could just as easily be a high-school car nut’s margin sketch. Hopefully the car will be a bit more distinctive when it debuts in the metal, and hopefully the fact that it is designed specifically for North America doesn’t mean that it turns into a German-American Camry, devoid of VW’s typical driving dynamics. The sedan is predicted to launch late in 2011.

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Author: Kevin Miller

As Autosavant’s resident Swedophile, Kevin has an acute affinity for Saabs, with a mild case of Volvo-itis as well. Aside from covering most Saab-related news for Autosavant, Kevin also reviews cars and covers industry news. His “Great Drive” series, with maps and directions included, is a reader favorite.

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  1. VW sure didn’t spend much time on the prototype name. New midsize sedan – that’s creative.

  2. @oilandwater, you know that they’ll come up with some contrived name like Tiguan, Routan, etc.

    I like the basic proportions of the car – IF the final production car looks like that. The sketch reminds me of a mini-Phaeton, and I always thought that car was a looker.

    So, cheaper, bigger, and better looking than the Passat. Sounds good to me.

  3. Seeing the sketch, my initial reaction was “What a cool looking car.” Then I read Kevin’s article and I thought, “Oh my God, I have horrible taste!” Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. I guess that Chris and Bill thought the sketch looked better than I did… the sketch really didn’t look all that original to me. I”m afraid all of those dynamic surfaces shown are going to be lost in the translation to the metal, leaving a big sedan without the character VW is capable of designing into their cars. The totally-anonymous current Jetta sedan is a prime example of characterless VW design; I can totally see the NMS heading that direction.

  5. I have to agree with you on the bland design of the Jetta. My daughter has one, and she loves it. But I think it’s the ugliest car in the VW stable. (Wouldn’t tell her that though).

  6. Well, that sketch has better lines than the current Jetta, that’s for damn sure. The Germans don’t sweat the Jetta design too much because it basically important in only a single market, the U.S. Everywhere else it’s the Golf that’s important in the C-class segment.

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