Ford Offers Look at New C-MAX in Frankfurt

By Brendan Moore


2012 Ford C-Max

Ford Motor Co. is not to be outdone by the other unveilings of new models at the Frankfurt Auto Show this month, and has released photos of the next C-Max to the press. The new five-passenger C-MAX shows up in Europe and most other markets in 2010, when the new Ford Focus also makes its appearance, and will probably show up in the North American market in 2012.

The new C-Max takes its design inspiration from the Iosis concept car Ford showed in 2009. The MAV (multi-activity vehicle) market is a tough market in Europe, and the C-MAX brings a different style to the segment.

2012 Ford C-Max side

Ford says the new MAV uses “kinetic design” styling language to show a more visually active, dynamic car look. They add that the new model has a coupé-like, sweeping roofline while, “keeping the established Ford C-MAX hallmarks of comfort, space, and practicality.”

The available equipment in Europe for the C-MAX includes a great many comfort and convenience options, with even high-end amenities like a blind-spot detection system and a semi-automatic parallel parking system available, but if you’re in North America, don’t hold your breath on those same options being available when the vehicle is sold there – it will probably be considered too expensive for a Ford small-vehicle offering in the States and Canada.

The C-MAX will be powered by Ford’s new 1.6-liter, four-cylinder, direct-injection engine.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. Ford cars are simply amazing. This model looks very nice. 5 passengers can easily sit in this car. Ford C-MAX offers a lot of comfort and space.

  2. This and the S_MAX give Ford a great people_mover combination it doesn’t have in America.

    Shame about the Amerian preferene of driving a huge seven-seater vehicle around by themselves.seen as bizarre by the rest of the world, who drive vehicles like these.

  3. Mr. Powzel: Amen. And amen again. I would love to be able to replace my 2001 Ford Focus wagon with a comparable Domestic model in the next few years. As it looks, however, I will probably not be able to find one. Outside of the VW Jetta wagon, no one sells a small, cargo-spade-rich wagon in the US anymore. It looks like the closest I’ll get is the Chevy Orlando, which is really a mini-minivan.

    Of course, I could always trade in the 300 on a CTS Wagon, and replace the Focus with the next gen when that comes out. Unfortunately, the Hooveresque state of the Michigan economy will prevent a large purchase for another year or two.

  4. i like it, lik it alot

  5. The reason all those high-end options are available is because many people in Europe want the most fuel-efficient small vehicle they can buy, and they want luxury. But most Americans associate luxury with a big vehicle with a big engine, the biggest of both they can afford.

    The manufacturers that sell cars in America assume that there are very few people that want to use the least amount of fuel possible AND have luxury options. And I think that is a correct conclusion. The tiny part of the American public that wants to use less fuel and have luxury will be pushed into electric cars, I guess.

    I can’t see the C-MAX being available with all those options when it hits the United States. The Mazda mini minivans are probably the yardstick the C-MAX will use in terms of option packages.

  6. a lot like a Mazda5 I really hope to see this in the USA I love how useful all this space is and still get great MPG’s

  7. It won’t sell many units in the U.S. market, no matter how good it is, unless the price of gasoline increases.

    One person driving around in an SUV has now been replaced by one person driving around in a smaller, but still huge, CUV.

    Gotta love the American mentality of “bigger is better”.

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