Toyota Forecasts Rebound, Increases Production

By Brendan Moore


toyota-logo-smallToyota sees a rebound in US sales over the next six months and is increasing production accordingly.

Toyota is bumping up production for six of its highest-selling models as a result of sales jumping up in May. May sales for Toyota increased a healthy 21% over April figures, although Toyota’s General Manager, Bob Carter, stated their numbers show a 25% increase over April.

Toyota’s sales figures for May still showed a decrease from last year’s same month, with a considerable drop of 39.5%, worse than every other major manufacturer except Honda.

In some related good news, days supply (inventory on dealers’ lots) for Toyota has dropped from 62 days in April to a current 41 days across the company.

The production increases will occur in the following models:

Tacoma, Tundra, Camry, Corolla, Rav4 and Sienna

The total increase will be approximately 65,000 units spread across the six models. Toyota did not break out the production increases per model.

Meanwhile, an interesting thing happened to Toyota in Japan – the new Prius was the top-selling model for the first time ever in Japan, beating out the Honda Fit (Jazz in the US). It marks the first time the Prius has garnered the sales crown in Japan. Will it presage success for the new Prius in the United States?

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. That increase doesn’t seem like a big number overall. I wonder if almost all of it is going to one or two models.

  2. A real contrast to this recent Jalopnik article

    For the new-gen Prius success, it might be due to the nolvely factor, I wonder how it’ll be when the nolvelty wear off? Also, we see more Toyota models sold at the fleet rental market (Avis, Hertz, Entreprise…), once the fleets will refresh their line-up, we might see more used Toyota on the used car market, which might blow the “resale value bubble”.

    To spoof a bit DeLorean I’m tempted to said “On a clear day, you can see Toyota…”

  3. Hopefully americans will buy cars that keep the profits here such as Ford and the New GM. If we fail to do this then the American car companys will not make it and we will have only foreign choices. It will be a tough road with Gas on the rise and our jobs all gone and a huge tax bill to pay…..

  4. That’s what we need, more Toyotas. They’re such wonderful iconic cars, sure to be revered by future generations.

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