Ford Sales Strong – In Europe

By Jason Lu


Phrases like “strong start” and “strong sales” seem to be a little out of place with current economic times, but not for Ford, Ford of Europe that is.

Despite overall weaker sales, Ford reported an increase in market share by 0.5 percentage points and now holds 8.8 percent market share in its 19 European markets. Not only is it outperforming most of the industry, Ford has now “firmly established [itself] as the No. 2 brand in Europe’s main 19 markets behind only Volkswagen.”

Driving the good news is Ford’s latest global Fiesta, which achieved strong sales in Europe during its first two months on sale. Over 42,200 Fiestas have made its way from the production line to happy garages, which looks promising to Ford.

“After only two months since its introduction, the Fiesta is already our second best-selling model behind the Focus,” said Ingvar Sviggum, vice president of marketing, sales and service for Ford of Europe. Although the Fiesta starts at around £8,500, roughly half of the buyers opted for higher trim levels, specifically the upscale Titanium and Ghia.

The subcompact was especially popular in the United Kingdom, “attracting 1,000 more retail British buyers than the previous model in November 2007,” said Sviggum.

The Fiesta is the most expressive and complete interpretation of Ford’s Kinetic design and offers a wide selection of diesel and gasoline engines. Not only can you look good in Fiesta, you can also play Gordon Brown and “save the world” with class-leading fuel economy. The most fuel efficient model with the 1.6-litre TDCi Duratorq diesel with diesel particulate filter travels 76.3 miles per imperial gallon and produces so little carbon dioxide that it is exempt from British road tax.

Built in Cologne, Germany, the subcompact is playing a major role in Ford’s restructuring process, being the first vehicle to be developed for Ford’s global markets, and yes that includes the United States. Ford is now taking an offensive by introducing a new breed of exciting small cars. According to Ford’s recent business plan submitted to the United States Senate, six new small and medium-sized cars will be introduced within the next four years.

In Europe though, six out of the ten models in the product line up has already been redesigned or refreshed in the past year, leaving only the Euro-spec Fusion compact utility, C-max, S-Max, and Galaxy awaiting Botox treatment.

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Author: Jason Lu

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  1. Just imagine how sales will take off once the economy shows signs of turning around (6 months). Not to mention the fact that once China introduces the Fiesta global marketshare for Ford will be on a very strong upward trajectory.

    This car has the looks to be a winner in every market it is to be introduced in. South America, China, and even the smaller Asian markets such as Thailand and Maylasia. Of course, it won’t do anything in Korea due to the 28% tariff imposed on any non Hyundai, Daewoo, or Kia brand. The cuteness may even allow it to develop a cult following in Japan at a $35K selling price due to their protective distribution network.

    Things continue to look better for Ford even when compared to the healthy brands such as Honad and Toyota.

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