Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia

Lamborghini’s Newest Police Car is A Little Bit Cooler Than A Crown Vic or D.A.R.E. Camaro

By Kevin Miller


In 2004, lucky Italian police officers had a Lamborghini Gallardo to their vehicle fleet. That original Gallardo police car has clocked nearly 87,000 miles of patrol and transport duty on the motorways of central and southern Italy. In 2005, a second Gallardo entered police service around Bologna, and its odometer now shows more than 62,000 miles. Aside from regular servicing, evidently neither of the super police cars has required major repairs.

Today, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. donated a police version of the company’s newest super sports car, a 560 HP, 203 mph, all-wheel-drive Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia, to the head of the Italian State Police. The car is painted in the required blu polizia paint scheme, with white stripes and lettering that follow the Gallardo’s unique angles. The light bar on the roof of the Gallardo was aerodynamically optimized for the vehicle’s high top speed. Four sirens are integrated into the front and rear of the Gallardo to let motorists know the supercar is coming.

This car will replace the original police Gallardo which entered service in 2004. Its main patrol beat will once again be central and southern Italy, primarily on the motorway between Salerno and Reggio Calabria. Remember that for the next time you’re speeding through Italy, as whatever you’re driving will be unlikely to escape the police Lambo.

The world’s fastest police car is equipped with the latest police technology to immediately document the evidence of any transgression. A video system is included with a windshield-mounted camera, and computer and recording equipment behind the seats. When a suspicious driver is encountered, officers can activate the “Proof Video Data System,” which uses GPS data to determine the location, direction of movement and speed of the Lamborghini. This data combined with the distance and time before intercept, accurately determines the speed of the vehicle being pursued. The video system can wirelessly transfer its images in real time to police headquarters, where the videos are stored and used for automatic number plate retrieval.

In addition to its high tech equipment, the Gallardo Polizia has standard police equipment like a gun holster, police radio equipment, and Paletta, the traditional hand-held stop sign used to advise motorists and traffic offenders to pull over. Officers can then use a removable video screen to immediately show offenders proof of their misdeeds.

Besides chasing down speeding motorists, the Gallardo Polizia is used regularly for urgent medical transportation. The luggage compartment in the front of the vehicle is equipped with a specialized refrigeration system for safe transportation of donor organs (or for cold refreshments for the officers who drive it). There is also a cardiac defibrillator onboard; police officers can rush to the location of somebody in need and use the device to restart a person’s heart.

Thirty lucky police officers are authorized to drive the Gallardo Polizia, and that is only after they receive special training in the use of the Gallardo and its equipment. Each person on this team has undertaken several days of driver training with Lamborghini. That seems like a pretty cool workplace perk, as would be driving the Gallardo LP560-4. Of course, it would also be pretty cool to meet one of those officers and check out the Gallardo Polizia, as long as that meeting isn’t prompted by the officer’s paletta.

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Author: Kevin Miller

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  1. My favorite part is the blue leather cowl over the computer. That’s a pretty fancy law enforcement tool!

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