2009 Honda Fit Preview

By Brendan Moore


A 2009 Honda Fit was made available to us at a press preview recently, and I have to say, I was impressed. We’ll write more when we get the 2009 Honda Fit for a week’s worth of driving, but in the interim, my initial thoughts about the car.

If you’re a regular reader of Autosavant, you know we loved the 2008 Fit. The redesigned 2009 Fit seems to have all the positive attributes of the previous car plus some great new features in a more attractive wrapper.

The 2009 Honda Fit is better-looking, more powerful, slightly larger, and finally, better-equipped than its predecessor. Pure dumb luck on Honda’s part since development time for new models is in years, but it must be noted that the launch of the new Fit certainly comes at the right time for the American market – wonderful little cars that sip fuel are pretty popular these days.

How much larger is the new Fit?

Well, it doesn’t look larger at all, but the distance between the front and rear wheels is a bit over two inches longer which makes the car itself a little over four inches longer. Seats are bigger (the old ones were designed for Japanese people), there is more leg room in the back, and the cargo space is increased by almost 40%.

Speaking of cargo space, you of course have to fold the rear seat down to get all of it, and now the rear headrests retract right into the seatbacks, which is very cool, and very convenient. You don’t have to remove them, or tilt them, or do anything else to them except push them down. Here’s another ingenious space design trick: the rear seat on the driver side has a compartment built into the floor-facing side of the rear seat cushion that will hold the owner’s manual, just in case you wan the whole glovebox for easy-to-reach storage. Since most people rarely look at their owner’s manual after the first few months, this is a thoughtful feature gives you a little extra storage room up front.

The new Fit also drives better and has more safety equipment. As I mentioned above, we’ll give you more about the Fit when Honda sends us a car for a week’s worth of road-testing, but so far – it seems like a lot of car for the money and one that would be just the ticket for meeting the transportation and carrying needs of most households.

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Author: Brendan Moore

Brendan Moore is a Principal Consultant with Cedar Point Consulting , a management consulting practice based in the Washington, DC area. He also manages Autosavant Consulting, a separate practice within Cedar Point Consulting. where he advises businesses connected to the auto industry. Cedar Point Consulting can be found at http://www.cedarpointconsulting.com.

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  1. I reached the same conclusion and I have a deposit on the very first 2009 Fit that the Honda dealer here in town gets in the next few weeks. I hope it’s going to be a good car for my commute and family stuff.

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