Lamborghini Announces Versace Edition Murciélago LP 640 Roadster

By Kevin Miller


In Milan yesterday, Lamborghini premiered the new Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Roadster VERSACE. The special edition Murciélago, along with a collection of accessories, is the latest fruit of collaboration between the Italian companies, which began in 2006.

To create the new super roadster, Maison Versace’s designers joined forces with designers from the Lamborghini Design Center and specialists working on the “ad personam” project which allows individual clients to personalize their Lamborghini by choosing the equipment specification as well as special color and material combinations.

The new limited edition Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Roadster VERSACE, which will be produced to order, displays a pastel white livery and the Versace Greek key motif on the lower part of the door. This exclusive Murciélago is the first Lamborghini roadster equipped with a transparent engine cover over the V12 engine. The cradle seats are clad in black and white leather, while opulent full grain soft nappa leather – hand-embroidered with the Versace Greek fret motif – upholsters the instrument panel, the doors and the central console. To my eyes, all of these adornments are actually pushing the limits of good taste.

The line of accessories, which were inspired by “the rigorous design and minimal lines of the Murciélago engine hood” were shown in Milan with the custom roadster. Crafted from black matte calf skin, the accessories include such goodies as a briefcase, suitcase, gloves, driving shoes, belt, wallet, key ring, beauty case, hat and a pair of jeans (hmm.. leather jeans?). These hand-made accessories boast traditional craftsmanship, stitching and edging à la française, and a palladium-engraved tag displaying both the Versace and Lamborghini logos.

In a way, this collaboration is reminiscent of Bill Blass and Cartier edition Lincolns in the 1970s and 1980s, though in this case both the vehicle and the fashion designer involved are much more exclusive. If you were to climb out of your Murciélago LP 640 VERSACE wearing your matching driving shoes, driving gloves, hat and jeans you might be seen as trying a bit too hard to be fashionable. Of course, the Murciélago and the Versace accessories are expensive enough that few of us will need to worry about committing such a faux-pas.

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Author: Kevin Miller

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  2. This ain’t got it, baby. It’s for the unsophisticated nouveau riche.

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