India Goes Big for Skoda Fabia

A little car puts up big numbers in India

By Brendan Moore


Skoda, Volkswagen’s value brand, is going great guns in India. They are doing so well that the Fabia, their most popular model, now requires a two-month waiting list in order to take delivery. For those of you unfamiliar with the Skoda Fabia, it is Skoda’s version of Volkswagen’s supermini platform.

All of Volkswagen AG’s production facilities in India are designed to build any of the corporate parent’s various brands sold in-country – Audi, VW or Skoda. In the next few years, all the three companies will collectively manufacture about 15 car models, ranging from the cheapest of the lot – the Volkswagen Up – to Audi’s A8 luxury sedan. Skoda is now seriously considering shifting the production of the Fabia to parent company Volkswagen’s (VW) Chakan plant in Pune in order to satisfy the pent-up demand.

Thomas Kuehl, member, board of directors (sales and marketing), SkodaIndia, said, “There is a lot of similarity between the Fabia and the Polo as both models are built on the same platform. We will look to have the Fabia built there.”

The new engine available with the Fabia, a technologically advanced 1.2 litre petrol engine, will also be shared with VW’s Polo hatchback, which will make its appearance in India in the second half of 2009. VW’s plant will have an initial capacity of 110,000 units from two shifts, which represents a large volume of production in India at this time.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. It’s surprising to me that VW has not decidied to produce the Polo in Mexico for sale in the U.S. Gas prices would certainly seem to justify this move.

  2. I’ll tell what’s surprising and that is that we haven’t yet seen the Skoda or SEAT brands of VW here in the US yet. That’s what’s surprising to me. Either one could do well here.

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