Mad Max Mosley – "I’m Not a Nazi but I Play One in Grainy Sex Videos"

By Alex Ricciuti


In a recent interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Fomula One boss Max Mosley “has defended his right to pursue an ‘eccentric’ private life” and continues to resist demands that he resign before the end of his term as head of Formula One next year.

Mosley, president of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the body that oversees Formula One, was caught on video role-playing a Nazi (and alternately a concentration camp prisoner) in an S&M dungeon with 5 prostitutes. You can find the video on YouTube, where you actually hear him shouting in German, which he learned as a teenager.

It all sounds bad enough, but Mosley is also the son of a notorious Nazi-sympathizer. So his insistence that this is just some private ‘eccentricity’ is of no comfort to his critics (nor to this humble blogger). Mosley’s father was the infamous Sir Oswald Mosley, head of the British Union of Fascists, who’s second wedding was held at the Berlin residence of Joseph Goebbels (Hi, honey, no need to make supper, we’re going over to the Goebbels’ tonight) and was attended by Hitler himself.

But hey, there have been more twisted, Nazi-themed sexual fetishisms haven’t there? Like this.

Now, I’ve always thought that one day someone ought to write the definitive book on the psycho-sexual subtexts of Nazism – you know, given all that leather and the barking of orders and stuff. First on the list to be interviewed would be Paul Verhoeven, director of Robocop, Basic Instinct and other exceptionally subtle films with very little sexual and violent content. Just check out the Wehrmacht and SS-style uniforms in his Starship Troopers (Verhoeven lived under German occupation as a child in Holland) and you’ll have a laugh, especially seeing Doogie Howser dressed as a proto-Nazi. Extreme satire or fetishism? Maybe both.

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  1. Alex — WAY TO GO on the Starship Troopers reference!!

    I would’ve never thought of that in context of Max’s, umm, “themed” tea party.

    And yet — Neil Patrick Harris, Nazi uniforms, bug-squashing, it’s all there! Or it’s all there now, anyway.

    Inside my head.

    I might not be able to sleep tonight.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t bring up the war

  3. Max Mosley has certainly run F1 like a fascist and –like Hitler– about as successfully as managing the Eastern Front. (How’s invading Russia working out for you, Adolf?)

  4. Can this possibly get any better? It’s better than the circus coming to town.

  5. Even though the setting was a concentration camp and the participants were speaking German and were dressed in clothing that looked like Nazi garb, I believe Max when he says that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Nazism. It was merely a set of unfortunate coincidences.

  6. For the safety of all involved, I’ll throw the SUBTLE CONTEXT flag out there and let everyone know that the last Anonymous was being sarcastic.

    Unless Mr. Moseley happened to be a frequent anonymous poster.

  7. The sarcasm was evident enough, no need to explain, hehehe.

    That’s why I wrote that this is a subject requiring some serious scholarly examination (from someone who is far more educated, intelligent and courageous than I’ll ever be). I would really welcome it.

    If you follow that link, you’ll see what I mean. Comic books depicting Mosley-like scenarios were a sub-cultural phenomenon in Israel in the early 60s. That’s just insane. And that guy who’s made a documentary about it has got quite a bit of guts to even try to tackle that subject. He’s Israeli, I believe.

    I really think there’s something pathological with this guy (Mosley) when he says it’s just some personal fetish. He probably believes that and has no awareness of what is really going on with himself.

    – Alex Ricciuti

  8. That’s if you believe he’s being honest. I go with the belief that it’s probably his little way of dealing with his greater demons.

    What’s a shame is that he’s a brilliant guy, and I don’t know that I ever realized it (as an F1 fan at least) until I saw the way he reacted to this whole mess.

    As they used to say about Robert McNamara, “…he was a very very smart man. In fact he was so smart that he thought he could make 2 + 2 = 5.”

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