Are You Ready for the Toyota Sports Car with a Subaru Engine?

By Mike Mello


A shared sports car from Toyota and Subaru? That’s the news from a press conference in Tokyo where Toyota CEO Katsuaki Watanabe also announced that Toyota will be increasing its stake in Fuji Heavy Industries. Arriving in 2011, the rear-wheel-drive sports car will be powered by a boxer engine from Subaru and both Toyota and Subaru will sell the car with their own respective badges.

Automotive News reports that a test car already exists, while CNN Money takes a detailed look at the business partnership.

So, what is the last Toyota sports car you drove? A Supra? Maybe the MR2? And for Subaru, anyone out there been in the cockpit of an SVX lately? Yeah, Imprezas are a blast, but this upcoming Toyota-Subaru product is to be front-engine, rear-drive. What’s not reported in the above links is that some sources state that there’s talk of an all-wheel-drive version.

Additionally, the agreement doesn’t end with the yet-to-be-named sports car. Toyota will provide a compact car to Fuji Heavy, who will also be supplied with minicars built by Daihatsu as early as 2009.

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  1. I wonder if we could have to wait how long to see a Toyota car/pick-up with….a GM engine in North America and this day could arrive before the Cubs will win the World Series or the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup 😉 (In Australia, the Toyota Lexcen was a rebadged Holden Commodore VN)

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