A Quick Chat With Melissa the Stunt Driver

By Mike Mello


When Hyundai introduced the 2010 Genesis Coupe at the New York International Auto Show, they brought some serious talent into the Javits Center. The two Genesis Coupes that tore through a little burnout demo looked like terrific new cars, but they benefitted from being driven by two professional stunt drivers. When the music ended and the last shot of pyrotechnics fired off, two female stunt drivers stepped out from the drivers’ seats and helped seal the memory of the Genesis Coupe’s introduction in my mind.

After a few minutes sipping a soda, I came up with a few questions which stunt driver Melissa Stubbs (on the left in the above pic) was kind enough to answer:

Me (MM): Do you prefer all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive when stunt driving? And, how’s this plastic floor for driving?

Melissa Stubbs (MS): Rear-wheel. It’s best for sliding…the plastic floor is real easy to slide on and you can see where we melted the floor a bit here and there.

MM: Are these two cars modified for this event?

MS: No.

MM: When did you arrive in New York for the event?

MS: One day before the show.

MM: How did you practice to become a stunt driver?

MS: I used to rent cars, bring them to parking lots and bring them back with the front wheels wobbling.

MM: What’s a good way to get into stunt driving? What stunts have you been filming lately?

MS: I went to the Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School. I just got done driving a 1950s Russian Army truck in the latest Indiana Jones movie.

MM: Do you race also or strictly stunt drive?

MS: I race some supermoto, motocross and road racing.

Below is a video of the Genesis Coupe introduction in New York. The cars enter the scene at 1:50:

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  1. If either of these women have children, I bet they’re never late for soccer practice.

  2. Women with attitude – I like that. The fcat they can drive really fast is just a huge bonus.

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