New York International Auto Show – New Volvo XC60 at a Glance

By Mike Mello


If you drive a Volvo C30 and it’s become a bit small for your needs, but an XC90 is a little too large, Volvo has the new XC60 for you to consider.

The proportions, lines, and stance will feel right at home if you favor the current Volvo look, but even if you prefer a different kind of crossover flavor, the XC60’s shape seems to capture a dynamic sense of potential energy. The signature Volvo belt line combines with a handsomely sculpted line above the door handles that leads to a familiar, but still sensual taillight assembly built into the D pillar.

What really might catch your eye is the interior trim, with the XC60 on display in New York wearing dark grey and yellow-green hues. The yellow-stitching stands out against the grey leather and the seats feel good enough to sit on for any length drive. Who can say after only sitting in the XC60 for a few minutes, but many Volvo drivers rave about the traditionally comfortable seating. Is the back seat area slightly cramped? maybe – but certainly no trouble for kids or adults who are just heading out for the evening.

At first glance, the XC60 looks like a sure-fire vehicle that will keep present Volvo drivers in the brand, and will probably prove to be a serious competitor in the “small premium utility” segment. It’s important to note that Volvo’s new auto-braking system, called City Safety, is making its debut on the XC60 and aims to help reduce or even avoid low-speed frontal crashes at up to 30km/h. If the XC60 approaches a vehicle and the City Safety system doesn’t sense any driver indication of braking, the system will apply the brakes and cut back on the throttle.

City Safety works with Volvo’s Collision Warning with Auto Brake system, and can detect objects up to 10 meters in front of the XC60.

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. That is my situation exactly. The C30 I love but it’s too small. The XC90 is too big. Definitely going to check this one out.

  2. I think Volvo needs some new styling cues. Mybe a fresher look is in the works.

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