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By Igor Holas


General Motors has been on the roll for a while now with significant introductions at each major auto show, particularly the previous two Detroit Shows. This year’s New York Auto Show was no exception to this trend.

The GM display occupied about a quarter of the main floor, as well as a big portion of the “truck floor” – their vehicles were impossible to miss. To add to this sheer size, GM has had a number of introductions for the Pontiac brand, and also prominently displayed many of their still hot, still interesting recent introductions. The Traverse is on a rotating podium, there are about five Malibus and in general, the GM display showed just how far this American giant has gotten in the past few years.

Among these attractive products were the CTS, CTS-V, and the CTS Coupe, the Provoq concept, the two Saab Prototypes (9-4x, and 9-x), the H3T “SUT,” the new Escalade Platinum and the Saturn brand with its fresh lineup.

The CTS truly is as stunning as it is good, but I have to say that Cadillac’s idea of “building the same car in three sizes” and the utter similarity between the CTS and the STS makes this car disappear in the Cadillac stand. The original inventor of this strategy, BMW, has moved away from it and now every model in the lineup has its own image, and its own appeal. I hope that as Cadillac moves to the second generation of its reinvigoration, their cars will gain better defined identities.

Saturn did not have much flash in the design of its stand, but the lineup made up for it. One of the freshest lineups in the industry stood strong on its own, without gimmicks. I had a chance to finally sit in the Astra and – oh boy – the interior is nice. The complaints journalists continue to repeat – weird button system, no cup holders, no armrest, etc are valid even if they aren’t important to many buyers. However, in this day and age, cars are very closely matched, and as good as the Astra is, there are cars just as good out there, and the little things might become deal breakers.
Finally, Saab had its full lineup on display, but focused on the two recent concepts – the 9-X sport-compact, and the 9-4X crossover (see more HERE). As mentioned already by Brendan Moore, both Saab concepts do a great job finally pointing this recently ailing Swedish brand, in the right direction.

On top of all this, there was Pontiac a brand so chock-full of New York introductions, it will get its own news piece, and together, the GM Empire showed its might, its progress, and its promise.

High Resolution Gallery can be found HERE.

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  1. I saw the CTS Cope and that car does NOT disappear! It is drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. The Solstice Coupe is the one I want

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