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Saab BioHybrid Concept

By Brendan Moore


I got into NYC late last night, had dinner, and headed over to Saab’s big party whre they introduced the Saab 9-4X, their new AWD crossover for 2009, and the 9-X BioHybrid Concept, which you can bet will be Saab’s new model, slotted under the 9-3. The only “if” is whether the bio-diesel engine will be offered right away on the car in addition to the regular engine. My guess is probably not, but it’s quite possible as the powertrain doesn’t need any more development – it’s been in a production model of the 9-5 for the past couple of years. And selling very well, thank you for asking.

The party was very nice – good food and an open bar, which is always popular among the auto journalist crowd. The presentation of the new models was supposed to be infused with urban hipness, but it was more like a short, bad stage show put on by an amateur interpretive dance group. The cars, however, looked great. They looked like absolute winners.

Maybe Saab’s fortunes will finally change in the North American market. Saab has been setting sales records everywhere else in the world, but just can’t seem to find the winning formula here in this part of the world.

This morning rolled around, and following up on the Saab-ness of the past 18 hours, I had a face-to-face interview with one of the senior Saab executives about their new models, Saab’s core strengths and the tough American market.

As soon as I get a moment, I will post the interview and share it with you.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. I hope you asked the guy from Saab why they can’t sell what is so popular in Europe here in America.

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