Chrysler Shutting Down for 2 Weeks in July

By Mike Mello03.13.2008


CNN spoke to a Chrysler spokesperson this afternoon on the subject of Chrysler shutting down operations for 2 weeks in July. When asked if Chrysler could handle a 2 week shutdown if demand for its cars and trucks was high, the Chrysler spokesperson described how the mandatory vacation was not related to the demand for Chrysler vehicles.

The 2 week shutdown includes salaried employees, although some may be asked to continue working on special projects, as noted in this AP story.

Last week, news broke that Chrysler is closing its advanced design studio in Carlsbad, California as part of a consolidation process.

Do you think these moves will be beneficial to Chrysler, which is working to improve its product appeal? Have you ever been told to take a 2 week mandatory vacation? Certainly, a 2 week shutdown is not that uncommon, but in terms of Chrysler, do you think employees will appreciate the break, or will they spend the break wondering about the future of the corporation?

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. Chrysler is becoming increasingly unimportant in the automotive world. They had better get it together or they’re gone soon.

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