Pontiac to Introduce Solstice Targa in New York

By Igor Holas


To the delight and excitement of many enthusiasts and GM fans, the second iteration of the popular Pontiac Solstice is finally coming. When the little RWD roadster was unveiled as a concept in 2002, it was accompanied by an equally attractive and equally well-received coupe.

Since then, GM observers have continually predicted that coupe will eventually be produced and join the lineup next to the convertible. The rumors only intensified after Bob Lutz last year decided to call the addition of a Solstice coupe to the lineup a “very logical thing to do.” Witch such overt endorsement from the very top of GM the actual introduction of the new model was just a question of time.

It seems the time has arrived. As reported by Left Lane News, Pontiac is ready to unveil a targa version of Solstice at the New York Auto Show in about two weeks. While only a few details are available at this point, LLN reports the Solstice Targa will remain true to GM’s targa heritage and feature traditional removable panels above the driver and the passenger. The car is also expected to very closely resemble the 2002 Coupe Concept in overall shape and design. Is it possible we might see an additional powertrain option or two?

We will deliver detailed information when it becomes available, but for now follow the link HERE for a gallery of the 2002 Solstice Coupe concept.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. am loving this coupe, but bag the t-tops, just give me the regualr roof and it’s all good, jack

  2. I agree with hinky; I’d sooner have a simpler, cheaper, lighter car with a fixed roof.

  3. I like the coupe but I agree with hinky and Chris Haak about the t-top.

    I just regret then Chevy didn’t gived the green light for its own version of the Kappa platform with the 2004 Chevy Nomad concept. Maybe Pontiac should have its version of the Nomad known as Safari like the 1955-57 model, I did a sketch then I posted at Fanart-central

  4. Love the fastback.

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