Volkswagen’s New Scirocco Breaks Free

By Igor Holas

Following a very well-received 2006 IROC concept, Volkswagen is preparing to release the new 2009 Scirocco at the Geneva Auto Show in a couple of days.

Today, first two official photos broke onto the Internet revealing the full beauty of this new small coupe/hatchback, which will seat four occupants. According to World Car Fans, the little beast will be powered by 2.0 liter TFSI (200 horsepower) and 1.4 liter TSI (122 horsepower)turbocharged gasoline engines connected to the wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Some other likely options include adaptive shock absorbers and a panoramic sunroof. Standard features will include 17 inch alloy wheels, ESP, and sport suspension.

The new car comes some 34 years after the original Scirocco made its debut. The only sad part of this news is the possibility that the Scirocco will not be sold in North America. It would have made a great competitor to the Mini Cooper, Volvo C30, or other premium small hatches. Autosavant will have more details, including the official press release, when Volkswagen officially reveals the car in the coming days at the show.

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. Many fond memories of my first-generation Scirocco, the one with the crisp Guigaro design. It was under-powered, but a lot of fun to drive fast as you worked the gearbox and got everything out of it.

  2. VW won’t sell the Scirocco here in the United States because they are deathly afraid it will cannibalize sales of the GTI, but I think this is bad logic.

    There may be some GTI sales lost to the Scirocco, but the total between the two models is going to be more than what they would sell in the segment if they had only the GTI, as they do now. I think VW is doing the math wrong.

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