Mopar Lift Kit on the Way for Jeep

By Mike Mello


Lots of Jeep owners agree that any Jeep model looks great with a set of oversized tires under the fenders. Suspension lift kits use tall springs to create more room between the axles and frame, allowing for bigger tires which some Jeep owners like for looks and others make use of off road. Either way, adding a lift kit to your Jeep usually creates warranty problems if you’re dealing with a newly-purchased rig – but that could be changing.

Automotive News reports that Jeep dealers will now be offering a wide range of Mopar accessories for Jeep products and that a Mopar lift kit will soon be available! What would this mean for factory warranties? Would a dealer-installed lift kit comply with those terms?

I aim to gather details about the upcoming Mopar lift, including proposed lift heights, which Jeep vehicles will offer a lift kit and, of course, whether the Mopar lift is to be just a body lift of a complete suspension package.

Other Mopar accessories that are already available through the new EASy, or Electronic Accessory System, include an off-road navigation system, chrome grille (like the old CJ Laredos,) a winch and heavy-duty bumpers. Although this system debuted at Jeep dealers last year, it will become an online consumer tool on March 31.

If you were considering purchasing, say, a new Wrangler for bringing to the dunes or the woods, would a dealer-installed lift kit change your mind if it didn’t void your brand-new Jeep’s warranty? I don’t yet know the details about the upcoming Mopar lift kit’s relationship to factory warranties, but one would hope that a dealer-installed lift option would keep your Jeep completely covered…we’ll have to wait and see.

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. I’m glad to see Chrysler making stuff available for the Jeep line no matter where it comes from.

  2. How could they not offer a warranty on it if it’s from the company and the dealer puts it on. I mean, cmon.

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