Acura Shows Refreshed 2009 RL Sedan

By Chris Haak


Acura’s flagship RL sedan has had a rough couple of years. Since the most recent version hit dealers for the 2005 model year, sales have been abysmal. The problems with the car were numerous: it was expensive compared to the TL in the same showroom, it only offered V6 power when its competitors offered V8s, it was built on a derivative of the front-wheel drive Honda Accord platform, and the interior was actually smaller in some dimensions than “lower” Acura models.

Today, Acura revealed its 2009 RL, and attempted to address as many of the above concerns as it could, while still constrained by the basic dimensions and passenger compartment of the existing model (it’s not all-new, but a so-called MCE, or mid-cycle enhancement).

Changes to the 2009 RL include a shield-like grille similar to the ones found on the MDX and RDX crossovers (which many people dislike), an enlarged 3.7 liter V6 that produces 300 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. The interior has been enhanced with better materials, a redesigned center stack, and more rear seat room (which was likely accomplished by either thinning the front seatbacks, thinning the rear seatbacks, or both), and upgraded electronics. Electronic gadgets include real-time traffic monitoring, real-time weather monitoring, Bluetooth audio, heated and cooled front seats, and a USB connectivity port. The RL’s interior, already extremely nice, should be even nicer, although it’s probably still too tight inside.

The car’s rear end styling is an improvement (though it reminds me of a Civic coupe from a distance), but the grille isn’t an improvement to my eyes. Rumors are that the next TL may borrow a derivative of the next NSX’s V10 for its top engine. Hopefully, Acura will also be willing to move to a rear-wheel drive-based chassis for the next RL, and add some interior space to its flagship. To have a flagship that is outpowered and out-spaced by “lesser” vehicles is unacceptable. Acura is at a crossroads right now; they can either change the direction that their latest products have taken and go for a more premium customer, or they can drift closer to Honda, becoming to Honda what Mercury is to Ford.

The full press release is available here.

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. Acura needs to decide what it wants to be. The two choices are: a really nice Honda or a real luxury/performance car in the luxury/performance segment. Where they’re at in the market now is not going to continue being a good spot.

  2. This mid-cycle enhancement, as they call it, is UG-LEE.

  3. The RL has always stood out as a giant pimple on Honda’s otherwise impeccable complexion.

    If you ask me, Acura would do well to stay away from larger cars and SUVs, and instead focus on bringing luxury, technology and performance in a smaller and lighter package, where Honda’s tee-ninsy engines have always done their best.

    Take out an ad in Saveur magazine and hey-presto: the “enlightened hedonist” bunch would be all over it like stink on fromage.

  4. The grill is ugly and so is the rest of the car. I agree with keep it local.

  5. I like the new 2009 Acura,the look is improved. I’ve had an 04,06 and I will buy an 09. I don’t know if the price has gone up or not. I’ve never had any trouble with any Acura’s I’ve had. Great car.

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