Comedy Rules the First Half for Super Bowl Car Ads

By Mike Mello


Catching up on the rest of Super Bowl XLII’s car commercials from the first half, the ad went for humor as well as the following spot for the Toyota Corolla.

For, a young guy who did his homework on car classifieds site spares his salesman from wrestling a tattooed warrior in a ring of fire that appears on the dealership lot out of nowhere. It doesn’t really matter why the salesman is saved from battling the warrior in the ring of fire; what matters is that some people will probably remember the commercial as funny and might be checking out right now. I’d say the spot got the job done, and it didn’t even get into the specifics of what you can find out at

A little later, the Living the Dream with the Corolla commercial made the point that the Corolla is refined and quiet. I can’t recall the last ad that made as clever a use of varmints as this one, so I suppose that makes this ad fairly memorable as well.

How does Toyota prove that the Corolla is quiet? The guy sitting inside the car is told that if the mother badger on the passenger seat next to him is awakened while feeding her young, that she’ll attack the young man with a vengeance. Cannons and other medieval noise makers fire off outside the Corolla, but in a jump to the 21st century, the guy’s cell phone goes off and he’s the only one to blame for feeing the wraith of the badgers. Like the ad, comedy brings the message with a wacky twist.

After these two spots, the GMC Yukon Hybrid ad was conceptually very different with a serious, but very optimistic message. I think the stark white background and red GMC letters were a little too bland coming after a series of comedy-based ads, but I’m still psyched that GM is getting the word out that it has fullsize gas-electric hybrid trucks.

What’s your take? Are any of these ads winners?

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. The Toyota Corolla ad was pretty good.

  2. was the guy shooting the cannon Robert DeNiro?

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