Tata Will Fully Control Jaguar and Land Rover

Ford bids adieu to its British ties

By Blake Muntzinger


Tata Motors Ltd. will purchase all Jaguar and Land Rover, according to a Reuters article on Wednesday. Previous reports stated Ford Motor Company would continue owning a portion of both makes. However, Ford now appears confident both brands will thrive under Tata’s ownership.

Both companies remain tight-lipped over details about the pending agreement, which should be finalized sometime this year. Analysts state the deal is worth up to $2.0 billion – a small price to pay for two classic British brands. Once this agreement clears, Tata will be well on the road to being a formidable player in the industry.

Tata has been making a splash in the international auto scene in the last six months. In October, it announced a joint venture with the Fiat Group to build passenger vehicles, transmissions, and engines in India. Tata’s Nano – its game-changing $2,500 “people’s car” – was released at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, and ink is still drying from the deal with Chrysler LLC to build electric vehicles.

From Tata’s first car to buying Jaguar and Land Rover in 10 years – not bad.

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  1. I don’t know if $2B is a small price to pay; look at Cerberus getting Chrysler for nothing and probably right about now they’re thinking they paid too much.

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