Two Opposing Tudor Rods

By Mike Mello


Everyone has various egos, moods and certain sides to their personalities. Having never met the drivers of the following 2 cars, I like to wonder about what kind of driver pilots each machine. Is the level of finish, the body style, the color, truly representative of the driver? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not a rule, but whether it’s a new luxury sedan, a resto project, or an econobox, I always wonder: Who’s driving?

The machines seen here are similar in body style but that’s where it ends. Is this first one a ’32 Ford Tudor sedan? I’m not completely sure but what’s certain is that the exposed, open header got my attention from across the field like a fresh arrival at my favorite salvage yard. (If I’m wrong on the make, model or year on these cars, please say so.)

Fenders up front, open wheels out back. The whole thing is kind of stealth, in an icy kind of way. What type of power plant is concealed by that clean-cut metal work? A straight six perhaps? Maybe it’s the baby Moons or the period headlights that complete the knightly look with just enough chrome.

This next sled is from another world, or at least from the other side of town, when compared to the silver bullet above. Is it evil? Is it a hodge-podge rat rod anti-gloss Tudor monster? I’m guessing Chevrolet on this one, based on the crease down the center of the hood; note the barn door hinges that connect the hood to the cowl.

The tow hook looks more like it came from crane than anything automotive and who could say what’s up with the aqua-colored plastic in the window, in the last photo? This was seen at a day of nostalgic racing at New Hampshire’s New England Dragway, so the plastic might have had something to do with inspections. What about those turbos and whole Cyclops arrangement? Definitely the car with the darkest character I’ve seen in a while.

Who could say which car is more fun to drive? Which one is fits your style? Is it about how much you think the car is worth? Is it about character? Performance? I think I’d go for the rattrap, mostly because of the overall stance and feel. Either way, they’re two great examples of just how different you can finish a car. Gotta love this form of freedom of expression.

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Author: Chris Haak

Chris is Autosavant's Managing Editor. He has a lifelong love of everything automotive, having grown up as the son of a car dealer. A married father of two sons, Chris is also in the process of indoctrinating them into the world of cars and trucks.

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  1. I like the rat rod. Looks meaner.

  2. I didn’t think people were still doing rods like this. I’m surprised it hasn’t died out, gone the way of flathead rails. I never so much cared for the whole rod thing. Of course I can appreciate the quality of the work involved in putting together a rod, but to me it’s not too appealing.

  3. These two cars were both seen in New England, where they only really come out of the wood work at big shows. I guess it could die out, but now and then you catch someone in their 30s who’s done one around here. Certainly teens and 20-somethings aren’t really into it, especially not the flashy, clean rods. For one thing, the sharp, shiny ones cost too much!

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