Mitsubishi Plans to Sell Electric Vehicle in 2010

By Brendan Moore


Mitsubishi Motors has announced that it will sell an urban minicar that is an electric vehicle (EV). Tetsuro Aikawa, the head of product development and environmental research at Mitsubishi, said that the planned vehicle can go 90 miles on a single charge and will have a top speed of 90 mph. The car has electric motors in the rear wheels that run on lithium-ion batteries.

The car will be sold only in Japan and will be available for sale in 2010, according to Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi stated it hoped to keep the price of the vehicle at around $19,000 USD.

Mitsubishi plans to target urban dwellers (particularly housewives) that take short errands in the city to shop, pick up children or visit friends. Prospective buyers will be tempted by the prospect of never having to buy gasoline for their EV car, said Aikawa.

The company is currently using a test mule of the car for it’s development efforts – the test mule is a Mitsubishi Colt with the floorplan cut out and the electric motors situated in the rear. Mitsubishi says development work is proceeding well.

Company President Osamu Masuku said that Mitsubishi is also considering marketing a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in the next few years, but had no firmer timetable or more specific product specifications to offer in that regard.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. More power (no pun intended) to them! It’s all good for us, the people that live on Earth. The more cars produced by more car manufacturers, then the more innovation and progress there will be! Longer charges, more power, smaller batteries, etc.

  2. Not having to buy gasoline is very appealing to me as well. Wish we could have it here in America.

  3. I think not having to buy gasoline would be pretty appealing to just about anybody. I think the comment from Mitsubishi is referred to as stating the obvious.

  4. Toyota keeps saying that lithium-ion batteries are not safe for cars, but every company that is developing an electric car is using li-ion batteries. Is Toyota smarter than everyone else or more stupid?

  5. I can’t answer the question regarding Toyota, but if anyone should know a lot about electronics and batteries, it should be Mitsubishi, right?

  6. Kaz, you might think so, but apparently the people over at BYD Auto in China have a technological tour-de-force battery that will make other batteries obsolete. Check out the article about BYD Auto on this same site – I just read it and it would be funny if they weren’t serious.

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