GM and SAIC Will Feature “Personal Mobility” Car in Beijing

Suzuki’s take on a personal mobility vehicle – the PIXY+SCC concept

By Brendan Moore


Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC) and General Motors, partners in a highly successful joint venture in China, will show a “personal mobility concept” at the upcoming Expo in Shanghai. The personal mobility concept segment is comprised of clean, sustainably-powered small or micro vehicles. The personal mobility concept envisions an emerging class of clean-energy vehicles, such as solar-powered cars, that moves single-person urban transport to another level of efficiency and sophistication. It is an increasingly popular focus of research and development in the automobile industry.

SAIC Chairman Hu Maoyuan stated, “SAIC and GM are proud to be extending our relationship into the important area of corporate social responsibility.”

SAIC and its joint venture partner GM have already submitted their design premise for the pavilion that will showcase future technologies and concepts. The focus is on highly-flexible personal city transportation so as to align themselves with the Expo theme “Better City, Better Life.”

SAIC is the largest Chinese auto manufacturer and plans to substantially increase production under its own brand next year. The joint venture it has with GM is widely considered to be among the most successful joint ventures in China.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. What are we coming to in this world when we are faced with driving around something that looks that thing? That’s when we can be certain we’ve lost all our pride.

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