Mercedes Shows Strong October Sales Increase

By Brendan Moore


Like someone living it up a little after getting out of a bad relationship, Mercedes-Benz Cars showed a healthy increase in October sales compared to their 2006 numbers.

Daimler (the new legal entity that owns Mercedes-Benz) reported that October sales went up 11.8 percent to 114,600 units, pushed by sales of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and the two-seat Smart minicar. Mercedes-Benz Cars, which was formerly the Mercedes Car Group under DaimlerChrysler, consists of the Mercedes-Benz, Smart and the ultra-luxury Maybach brands.

The new C-Class sedan doubled its volume for last year to 30,000 units, making good on Mercedes-Benz claims that it would be a sales leader right from its launch date, and the diminutive Smart jumped 29% from same period last year. It is unknown if some of that volume is to the new U.S. distribution arm of Smart in preparation for the Smart market launch here in the States, but it seems as if the timing would probably synch up with the planned January/February launch in the U.S.

Smart produces only a single model now, the ForTwo, a redesigned two-seater.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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