Audi metroproject quattro

By Kevin Miller


Audi is introducing the metroproject quattro design study this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle is a three-door subcompact, with a hybrid powertrain which drives the front wheels using a 150 HP, 1.4 liter TFSI (turbocharged, fuel direct injection) gasoline engine and Audi S-tronic Direct Shift Gearbox, and drives the rear wheels using a 41 HP electric motor. The vehicle can run either as a gasoline front-wheel drive vehicle, an electric rear-wheel drive vehicle, or as an all-wheel drive vehicle, with the respective powertrain driving each end of the car.

The metroproject quattro’s lithium-ion battery pack is capable of powering the car solely with its electric motor, with a range up to 100 km and speeds exceeding 100 km/h. While operating in electric mode, the combustion engine will only cut in when the battery capacity has dropped below 20 percent of its maximum charge. In addition to the ability to be charged while running, the vehicle can also be plugged in to the power grid to be recharged. Audi has highlighted the electric motor under a clear window in the luggage compartment, much like Audi’s R8 showcases its motor.

The 1.4 liter TFSI gasoline engine features start automatic start/stop technology and is capable of getting the car to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds. In self-sufficient (non plug-in) operation, the metroproject quattro’s fuel consumption is estimated to be 16% less than a comparable vehicle running solely on a gasoline engine.

The metroproject quattro is instantly recognizable as an Audi, while not mimicking any current Audi vehicles. Styling touches on the concept’s exterior include aluminum roof arches that form the A- and C-pillars as well as the roof side structure, frameless windows with no B-pillar, and use of LED daytime running lamps as seen in some production Audi vehicles. The interior features four individual seats (as in the Volvo C30) and a tasteful interior which is a bit of a departure from current Audi offerings.

An aluminum insert is present in the center console which consists of the Audi Mobile Device (AMD) as well as the start/stop button behind the gear lever. The Audi Mobile Device is a portable unit which is removable from the vehicle, and serves as the access and authorization system for the vehicle, offers the same functions and menus as the car’s MMI system, and also operates as a mobile phone, navigation system, and audio/video player. When docked in the vehicle, the information displays on the small MMI screen and on the central display in the instrument cluster.

Because the Audi Mobile Device serves as the access and authorization system for the vehicle, a separate key is not needed. Additionally the AMD serves as a control device for many system settings which can be configured from outside of the metroproject quattro. As an example, the vehicle’s heat can be turned on, and its sound system configured, by the vehicle’s driver before ever leaving the house. The AMD and the vehicle communicate via a WLAN connection. In the event that the vehicle’s alarm sounds, the vehicle can send images from an in-car camera to the AMD in real-time.

Both the hybrid quattro system and the Audi Mobile Device are interesting features of the metroproject quattro. While hybrid vehicles have become popular in recent years, they are not known as very fun to drive; this Audi promises a much more enjoyable driving experience. At the same time, the Audi Mobile Device promises a new degree of personal electronics integration into a vehicle, with all the possible convenience and driver-distraction that could introduce.

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Author: Kevin Miller

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  1. BMW better watch it’s back as Audi is hot on their heels witht hteir current cars, and, if they establish a “green” reputation for themselves in Europe, in addition to their sporting and all-weather images, then that will give them a big advantage with their target buyers. Which, btw, also happen to be some of BMW’s target buyers.

  2. Audis are not cheap, and if this car is both small and expensive, it’s the equivalent of automotive jewelry. I don’t know if Americans who are used to paying for their vehicles by the pound, are going to go for this.

  3. It seems as if this car and it means of motivation is pretty far away from reality. Looks like a PR exercise to me.

  4. Irrespective of all that, I think the car is quite attractive.

  5. A Lada made a Pobeda look ancient, if you can imagine! A Lada was hardly state of the art.

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