UAW Workers Strike Chrysler

By Brendan Moore


11:09 AM: The UAW has directed its workers to walk off their jobs at Chrysler LLC as an 11 AM Eastern Time deadline passed without an agreement between Chrysler and the UAW. UAW workers have already starting leaving their jobs at several work sites in the U.S.

The national strike will idle the approximately 47,000 UAW workers at 24 Chrysler plants and other sites across the U.S.

Despite intense round-the-clock discussions regarding a potential agreement, there is still no labor accord between Chrysler and the UAW. It is believed that the main sticking points are, of course, healthcare and job security. But, in a sign that the talks could be contentious for some time, it is reported that Chrysler’s desire to spin off its parts sourcing and transportation functions has raised hackles within the UAW. The new, privately-owned Chrysler has so far refused to budge on the UAW’s demand for a reciprocal guarantee in production jobs.

Most industry analysts assumed the UAW-GM agreement would act as a virtual template for the negotiations scheduled with Chrysler and Ford after the GM deal, but Chrysler has veered off that script so far.

It is expected that Chrysler could weather a short strike easily, but anything over a month would start to hurt the company badly.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. Even a fairly short strike (like, a week) would be REALLY bad for the launch of the new minivan.

  2. I hope Cerberus and Chrysler break the back of the UAW once and for all.

  3. It sure would be swell if I could get a ridiculously high hourly wage and great benefits for doing my job, which I guarantee is physically harder and more dangerous than any UAW job. These guys just don’t know how good they have it.

  4. @milkywave:
    How much is the “ridiculously high hourly wage” and what are the “great benefits” that UAW members get? And for comparison, can you tell us what you do and how much you get paid for it?

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