The Ford Taurus of 2010

But the big news is the possible return of the Taurus SHO

By Brendan Moore


You didn’t hear it here first; that is, if you’re a Ford fanatic, anyway. The chatter on the Ford fan-boy sites about the next-generation Taurus (due Fall 2009) has grown so loud and so sustained that we feel as if we should let you in on what all the talk is about.

No detail on the redesign other than it is expected to have roughly the same interior dimensions with a bit of the front and back overhangs subtracted, and of course, look a lot better than the current Taurus. The real back-and-forth is about the rumored engines and drivetrains. The base engine will be the current very good V6 engine with some more horsepower (but under 300 HP), available with the six-speed automatic and optional AWD. The real news is that Ford is going to bring back the Taurus SHO (although a sizable faction at Ford wants it to be called SVT) and this Taurus will offer as standard a considerably upgraded AWD suspension and braking package, upscale interior with Bluetooth and a stereo with a very large hard drive for storing MP3 files, and the best part, the GTDI D35 TwinForce V8 pumping out a wonderful 415 HP.

A full-size sedan that will go very, very, fast. Now that’s what you call a family hauler. The Taurus is a big comfortable car inside without being too big, so this would be a nice market niche for Ford.

Bear in mind that none of this is confirmed at this point, but all the talk is starting to firm up on the details, so that’s always a positive sign in these situations. And auto manufacturers in trouble have a habit of leaking details out on future product in order to keep the faithful, well, faithful, while they’re putting up with the not-so-good current product. So it would not be unprecedented for these sorts of specifications to leak out this far ahead of time.

We’ll let you know more when we know it. . . .

04.09.2008 – click HERE for updated information and a link to a photo of what may be the 2010 Ford Taurus.

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Author: Brendan Moore

Brendan Moore is a Principal Consultant with Cedar Point Consulting , a management consulting practice based in the Washington, DC area. He also manages Autosavant Consulting, a separate practice within Cedar Point Consulting. where he advises businesses connected to the auto industry. Cedar Point Consulting can be found at

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  1. I always thought the Taurus SHO was a bright spot in a relatively bland Taurus lineup – even in the car’s heyday. Back when the ovoid 1996 SHO came out with the small displacment V8, I was seriously interested in one. The new one, with twin turbos and 415 hp, would blow all the old ones away, though.

  2. Yeah, now you’re talking. If they can make that show up for $35,000, i’m in. All the way.

    It’s just gotta look good. Looking great would be a bonus.

  3. I would TOTALLY dig a new SHO. Wow, 415 horses? I’d love to be driving one of those.

  4. A new SHO? Where do I go stand in line?

    I loved my SHO and love a new one with a lot of horsepower just as much. Maybe more.

  5. Drivetrain specs are great, but what is it going to look like? Ford hasn’t been making making very attractive car lately, except for the Mustang. Which, BTW, I don’t like inside too much at all. The xterior carries the car.

    What is the next-gen Taurus going to look like, and how will the SHO be different, that’s what I want to know. I can’t drive an ugly car, no matter how many horses it has. Too many other choices.

  6. I am a current (’93) Taurus owner and was extreamly pleased that Ford was reviving the name plate. My hope is that the 2010 version will be as revolutionary and successfull for Ford as the first and second generation Taurus was.

  7. I had a 91 SHO, white, manual,a real beauty.It looked like a muscle car while still being a family sedan.I loved that car, as did my daughter who now trolls the internet looking for clues like this that the SHO may come back.I’m saving my pennies so I can be at the dealers the day the SHO comes out. Please Ford, make it available in manual and call it the SHO.

  8. I woul love for a new SHO to come out especially with that 415 hp. Everyone i know tells me how great of Car my SHO is. All my buddies have probes/MX6’s, eagle tallons/eclipses, mustangs and crossfires but the SHO still remains on top by bringing luxury and speed together in a affordable price range. the SHO tore down walls back in the day lets see if it can do it again. Bring back the SHO!

  9. Im glad ford kept the taurus but they need a sports car that is afordable! since they are looking to bring back names people are know they should consider on bringing back the probe!

  10. they wont bring back the probe ever. The probe was one of the lost selling cars ford ever made. i wont lie they are fun but… so many flaws

  11. I was the proud owner of a 1992 SHO, and the only way that I would buy another Ford is if they bring back the SHO with a V8 and a manual transmission. Where do I get in line?

  12. Nice Idea… but can Ford pull it off is the main question.

  13. Ford if you are reading this: Build the Taurus SHO. I need a four door for my kids and love horsepower. (former ’03 Mustang GT owner)I currently own a fusion V6 and like many other owners would prefer a manual trans. If ford would build an ecoboost V6 with a manual in a restyled taurus, I will be one of the first in line.

  14. I think the New Taurus should have a SHO model but Ford can really go over the Top is to have an Environmentally Friendly Taurus make a special edition Taurus with a Battery technology that Supercedes Lithium Ion don’t wait for the North American Battery consortium to figure it out for you! or use Toyota’s tech. develop it on your own the way Henry Ford did in his Garage back in 1896.

    I want the 2010 Ford Taurus to have a multiplicity of Powertrain options to become the #1 selling car again in America! First an economic I-4w. hybrid option -45City/38Hwy-145HP, an I-4 Twin Force-275HP,V6 Twin Force-340HP, TwinForce Super Sho-415HP, and last but not the very least I want to see Ford produce the first mass produced main stream Electric Vehicle. Chevy volt does’nt count because it will be an experiment when it comes out. Is Ford up tot he Challenge?! AN ALL Electric Taurus and believe me with cars like the Tesla a Taurus SHO in the Future could be all Electric. Tesla does 0-60 in 3.9 Seconds. Right now.

    There has to be a material that is cheaper, lighter, holds more energy that the current Lithium Ion Batteries that will go into the Volt an upcoming Electric vehicles and that is really what Ford needs to focus on! No pun intended. This really may make Fuel cell never practical if we get a range of anywhere between 220 to say 2200 miles on a charge. Why not? Ford you can do it!!!

    If Ford not only makes the Taurus the #1 selling car, makes it the 1st main stream electric automobile, brings back the SHO, makes it affordable, and it drives itself; then I’ll buy one! Am I asking for too much from Ford Motor?! Hey where is the market going. Where are gas prices?? these are the things that need to be addressed or are the Japanese the only environmentally responsible folks?!

  15. Owned about 3 Ford SHO’s and actually still own one today love the car get a lot of good comments on the car when on the road and would DEFINETLY be interested if Ford came back with the SHO!!!!!

  16. Love the looks of the Taurus outside and inside from what I can see! Glad to see that they will produce a SHO!

    But one thing Ford must do, is make sure its quality does not drop with the addition of all the new stuff!
    When I see Turbos, this new Ecoboost Technologie, the potential for reliabiliy problems!
    Ford must first make sure it is durable! They had problems in the past with 4 cyclinder Thunderbird and Mustangs in the eighties, and this could hurt their reputation if it is not reliable! But maybe they have really reseached it!

    For me I just hope it is as reliable as the 3.0 Vulcan V6 that is in my 2005 Taurus, I have had serveral of these engines and they are one of the most reliable engines out their!They may not have the most power, but I had rather have reliablity anyday!

    Cant wait to see the new Taurus!

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