Chinese Cars in Europe – 2007 Geneva Auto Show

By Brendan Moore


It was only a matter of time and the time is now: Brilliance Jinbei Automotive is the first Chinese automaker to display it’s vehicles at the Geneva Auto Show. In what is a planned coincidence, five hundred Brilliance BS6s sedans are currently on their way to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany from Dalian in North China. Those cars are scheduled to make port by the end of March. HSO Motors Europe will be Brilliance Jinbei Automotive’s importer and representative agent for all of Europe. HSO has already secured distribution agreements in several EU countries, including Belgium, France and Switzerland and will sell both cars and trucks to their retail partners.

An HSO spokesman said that Brilliance Jinbei is committed to building a global presence quickly, and added that similar arrangements are being made in the United States currently.

This is simply put, the beginning of the beginning of the Chinese push.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. Just great. Pretty soon every car on the road will be some boring Asian vehicle.

  2. If Asian cars were dat boring to you mate then i think u should take to bikes or even better cycles, ud be doin the world a favour

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