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Note: We receive no compensation of any kind for referrals, clicks, sales, etc. from the sites in this list. – Pre-1973 U.K. black license plates made from modern materials so you can bend them, wipe them off, etc. If you want the correct-period plate for your vintage car without the hassle of the old plates, this is for you. Plates can be drilled or fixed with adhesive backing that comes with the plates. A pair costs £20. – For those of you driving in a cold-weather climate, the Gummi Pflege Stift “Rubber Care Stick” is sold on this site – it promises to keep your car doors from freezing shut when the temperature drops. It does this by virtue of a foam applicator tool that you use on your rubber door seals, and it costs a mere $7. My friend in Minneapolis says this stuff works great, and from what I understand, it does get pretty cold in Minneapolis in the winter. – A massive, good-looking watch (like the car, I suppose) the new Bentley Flying B watch is not cheap (starts at $14,000 dollars), but if you have a Bentley, you can afford it. Breitlings last a long, long time, and are very attractive; this one is merely more so. – New custom steering wheels to replace your stock unit or to make that rod or race car something special. They even have stuff for airbag-equipped steering wheels. Other stuff includes shift knobs, horn buttons, etc., but they’re mostly all about steering wheels. – very cool Autoart Suspension Table Light made from the pieces of a race car, and not just thrown together, either. The design and the assembly quality are superb. It’s not expensive (about $170) for what you get – it would make a wonderful gift for someone you know that’s mad for cars. I very much want one. In England, so you’ll pay a little extra for shipping if you’re outside the U.K. – The artwork of illustrator and cartoonist Guy Allen, with cards and prints available for sale, etc. Good stuff, a lot of it humorous. – Unbelievably wonderful, detailed cutaway drawings of various cars and racecars done by one guy. You can buy prints of the cutaways here, but the whole site is in German, with no English language version available on the site. A drawback, certainly, but there are lots of translation programs on the web. – Actual new, authentic, full-size metal road signs from around the world for sale, some of which are pretty amusing. – Photo prints, murals, cards, magnets, etc. that are cool with a capital C from Hot Rod Magazine. Very stylized and retro-hip. The models in the shots are absolutely perfect for the genre. – If you want a set of real European plates for your European car, this site has current EU Standard Issue plates from Italy, Belgium, UK, Germany, etc. for sale. Good service and shipping. – Clothing of all sorts with the logo of almost any auto manufacturer available on the item. Not cheap, but not exorbitant, and I’ve heard good things about the quality of the pieces, so hopefully that will hold for you as well. – One of the best companies to use if you need a car shipped overseas, and you want someone else to deal with all the hassles of duty, customs, VAT, etc. on your behalf. Pickup and drop-off at 5 ports in the U.S. – Willow picnic baskets for your car with any sort of china and silverware you want – Art Deco, 1970’s plastic, fine china, etc. If you want something different for your car, this is it. – This company sells complete, new body shells for 1969 Chevrolet Camaros (both convertible and fixed roof coupe), and complete new cabs for 1947-1950 Chevrolet Pickups, and 1952-1954 Chevrolet Pickups. The site shows the body shells in detail. These are genuine GM Heritage Parts, certified by General Motors. Dynacorn also has an astounding amount of various parts for some other GM products, but you cannot buy them or the complete body shells from Dynacorn directly – you must purchase from one of their authorized dealers, a list of which is available on the site. – Lots of auto-related artwork here, as well as some other stuff, all from Michael and Graham Turner, noted British artists. – Classic cars for sale, all French, and based in the U.K., in case your French is a little rusty (or non-existent). Peugeots, Renaults, and Citroens are here, with prices shown in euros and dollars, good photos and descriptions. Mostly Citroen DS models shown (I suppose because they are so beautiful!) but they say they can get any French car you want, and ship it anywhere in the world that you want it to go to. Personally, I have lust in my heart for the Citroen H Van they have for sale on the site. – These folks bill themselves as having the largest inventory of automobile literature in the world. They just revamped their website recently, which improved it considerably. – I’ll make it easy for you: if you’re looking for the yellow bulbs to replace your clear OEM bulbs in your foglights, go to the Optilux line within the Hella line, and of the three choices, pick the last one, and you should get a drop-down of about 15 yellow bulbs with full specs (so you can match the OEM bulbs you’re replacing) to choose from. If you want anything in the rest of the comprehensive Hella line, just pick your country and away you go. You can also print out a PDF catalog, or, have one sent to you through the mail. You can’t order direct from the website, but at least you can figure out what you want and get the correct model number before visiting your preferred retailer.

http://steelheaddesign/ – Bragging rights regarding the size of your rolling tool cabinet will be yours when your friends get a look at this 60-inch, 27,390 cubic inch capacity toolbox. Massive in spec, this cabinet features 16-gauge, welded construction, heavy-duty full extension, ball-bearing drawer slides rated up to 400 pounds, 5×2 inch heavy duty sealed ball bearing casters rated at 935 pounds each, and non-slip drawer surfaces, just to get you started. There’s more. As there should be at USD $5,880. – Think of a lot of racing shops having a huge combined garage sale (literally and figuratively), and you can get the idea behind this site. Stuff for sale includes new and used (almost all used) racing equipment, safety equipment, car hauler trucks, flat-bed trailers, and of course, engines and cars. Some of the engines have lurid amounts of power – think a 515 HP small-block crate engine with only 22 hours running time would be the ticket in that project car you’re working on? It’s here, along with 400 HP six-cylinders, 420 HP turbo-charged fours, 700 HP big-block engines, etc. A great way to go fast(er) for less money. – Cars and musicians together as imagined by an artist named Chris Osborne. Some of my favorites are the jazz and blues artists paired with a logical choice of car, i.e., Robert Johnson with a Hudson Terraplane, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong at rest with a Packard. – British Motor Heritage offers OEM-quality complete bodyshells for your iconic British sports car of the Sixties. Much better and quicker than getting the bodywork yourself on your project car.

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